It was in 1925 that we were just a family business devoted to fishing trade which, as a fruit of our labor and dedication, became a business benchmark in Mar del Plata.
Some years afterwards, in 1973, we built a cold storage plant in the Port of Mar del Plata and started fishing units, what led us to make a foray into the export world, reaching the United States, European countries, Japan, Brazil, among other countries.
The freshness of our raw materials is the outcome of adequate capture and treatment techniques implemented on-board our deep fresh and factory vessels. Upon unloading, raw materials are welcomed by experts of our processing plants, who comply with the strictest quality standards during the production process. As a result, our company manufactures a product of outstanding features and provides the most varied and broadest supply of fish species.
Throughout all these years of operations, our aim has always been the same: Quality of our raw materials, Quality of our products and Quality of our business activity.
Our company, El Marisco, is always seeking perfection by revising each of the elements that form part of the company, from the vessel that begins its journey to the arrival of the raw material for its manufacturing; from production, packing and storage methods to the implementation of the most efficient logistics for the shipping of the product to our exclusive customers.
El Marisco is proud of its final product and wants to share it with You: Our achievements speak for themselves and our high-quality products help us stand out from our makes us different.
Mar del Plata:
San Salvador 4775/79 Tel. (54 223) 480-2259/3598 - Fax (54 223) 489-0384 - B7608HFA
Buenos Aires: Tucumán 540 - Piso 6 Of. "F" Tel. (54 11) 4325-0111/0484 - Fax (54 11) 4325-9475 - C1049AAL
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